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A Gun Audit is where a Front Range firearm inspection expert from Colorado Gun Services will come to your home to make sure your guns are in proper working order and that they are Colorado Compliant.

Most people are unaware that firearms that were purchased legally from a Gun Shop just a year ago, may now be illegal in Colorado. Through our Front Range gun law compliance services, we will inspect magazine clips to make sure the do not hold more than ten rounds, which is the maximum amount allowed with the current Colorado High Capacity Magazine Band. Certain features are not allowed on some guns, like Flash Suppressor, Pistol Grips or Threaded Barrels.

When our team finds a firearm that is not compliant with Colorado Law, you will receive solid advice on how to make it compliant or possibly dispose or sell it out of state.

There are a number of issues that our Front Range firearm inspection team examines when determining a firearm’s legal status. Two of the most recent are bump stocks and assault weapon qualification.

Bump Stock or Burst Trigger
Bump stocks are a modification which improves the rate of fire of semi-automatic firearms. Burst triggers provide a similar effect via an attachment to the trigger. In Colorado, any item which allows semi-automatic firearms to expel a rapid-fire burst is illegal.

Assault Weapons
There are a number of factors which can cause a firearm to be considered an assault weapon in Colorado. These factors include: Magazines with a capacity of 15 rounds or more, short shot guns and short rifles.

At Colorado Gun Services, we understand that staying up to date on our state’s gun regulations can be difficult. With the constant shifting of gun laws in Colorado, it’s important to have an expert who can help. If you are a firearm owner, contact us! Our Front Range firearm inspection team will work with you to arrange a gun audit.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Last year my brother was diagnosed with terminal stage four colon cancer and dementia. Lee Heigl was recommended to my family by our estate attorney to help us liquidate my brother’s significant gun collection to help pay for hospital bills and round the clock live-in nursing care. The funds we received from the sale helped the family bridge the gap before VA benefits became available. Lee made the process simple gave us fair value and helped us through a difficult time. I would recommend Lee to anyone facing a similar situation."


“Lee from Colorado Gun Services was prompt, friendly, fair, and professional. His communication prior to meeting me was never lacking, even though he was on a family vacation that week. Highly recommended.”

- Mark F., via Google

“Great experience with Lee from Colorado Gun Services. He was quick to respond, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. We inherited several guns of all types from family members that we didn’t need, and we were unsure of the process of how to sell or dispose of them. Lee helped us sort through what we had and how to legally get rid of them. Overall, it was a great experience, and we would highly recommend Colorado Gun Services. We will be using Lee again if we find ourselves in similar circumstances. Thanks Lee!”

-Deena M., via Google

“It was super easy and quick to get rid of my unwanted guns. They came to me and were able to take them off my hands in under 10 minutes. I would highly recommend for anyone with unwanted firearms.”

-Corey C., via Google

“Lee was very easy to work with and is quick to communicate. A+ all around!”

-M. Karls, via Google

“I wanted to sell my gun and found a review of Colorado Gun Services and thought I’d check them out. Lee responded quickly, came to my home, and provided documentation required for the sale. Within 30 minutes he took the gun, wrote me a check, and followed up with the acquisition receipt. He was very easy to work with and very professional. We highly recommend this business.”

–Walter B.

“Colorado Gun Services was Very professional! It was great to find a new home for a valuable rifle I had inherited. Many thanks!”

-Gordon B.

“It was so easy and quick working with Colorado Gun Services. They were very professional and answered all my questions. Highly recommend them.”

–Tyler M. 

"Thank you for making a very uncomfortable situation for my sister so easy. We are very happy to have that particular process behind us."  

-Maurie S. 

"Lee and Jenna were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. My husband knows quite a bit about firearms and I know very little, we were both impressed by their ability to address our needs and offer their expertise. I would highly recommend them to anyone in a situation where they need to safely and legally remove weapons or ammunition from their home. "

-Jessica Thompson

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