Safely Surrender a Firearm in Front Range

Let Us Come Get Your Unwanted Guns And/Or Ammunition

Our unwanted gun disposal service is a fast, safe, and legal way to get guns out of your house and registered out of your family’s name.

Set an appointment, and we come out and pick them up. Our Front Range unwanted gun disposal is that easy and that fast!

Top 9 Common things people say to us when surrendering a firearm to Colorado Gun Services.

“I don’t have any need for a gun in my house, and just want it gone.”

“I don’t want guns in my house with my kids or grand kids here. I’m afraid there could be an accident.“

“I live with a family member that I feel should not have access to a gun. For everyone’s safety I want it gone.“

“I just don’t feel safe with guns in the house.”

“I inherited these guns from a family member years ago and they are just collecting dust. I’m not even sure if they’re loaded. Just get them out.”

“Just got married and my wife said these old guns need to go before she’ll move in.”

“We are expecting our first baby and just don’t want a gun in the house.”

“My child’s best friend is not allowed over to play at our house because we have a gun in the home.”

“I don’t want to burden my family with what to do with these guns after I die. They have kids in their home and it wouldn’t be safe.”

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Thank you for making a very uncomfortable situation for my sister so easy. We are very happy to have that particular process behind us."  

-Maurie S. 

"Lee and Jenna were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. My husband knows quite a bit about firearms and I know very little, we were both impressed by their ability to address our needs and offer their expertise. I would highly recommend them to anyone in a situation where they need to safely and legally remove weapons or ammunition from their home. "

-Jessica Thompson

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